Holidays in Rwanda with a self drive car rental

Enjoy your holidays in Rwanda with a self drive car rental from Rent a car in Rwanda and have the self-satisfying adventures anyone can do on a holiday safari. Rwanda is commonly known as “The land of a thousand hills” because of its Volcanic mountains, Rwanda is located in East Africa bordering Tanzania in the East, Uganda in the North, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and Burundi in the South. Rwanda is endowned with a number of tourist attractions like wildlife primates and species stocked in its diversity thus rewarding you with an amazing Wildlife Safari excursion.

Rwanda Self Drive Car Rental Holiday

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Going for Holidays in Rwanda with a self drive car rental is one of the best ways to explore this country by visiting its major prime touristic destinations which include  Cultural sites like Kigali genocide memorial, IbyI’wacu cultural village, Dian Fossey graveyard and adventure sites, National Parks and game reserves.

Rent a car in Rwanda is one of the car hire companies in Rwanda with a huge fleet of cars which include Land Cruiser Prado, Tx, Tz, V8, Super custom, Safari vans, Coasters, Safari Cruiser extended and Rav4 at cheap and affordable prices. Renting a car for long term with Rent a Car Rwanda comes with a  5% discount off the original prices that is three weeks and above.

What’s required to rent a car for Self drive while on Holidays in Rwanda? Renting a self drive car rental for holidays in Rwanda, you must own a valid driving license indicating the names of the person who is to drive the car plus a valid passport. Age is very much considered as young kids below twenty years are not trusted by most of the car hire companies.

While picking your self drive car rental, you must come with a photocopy of your valid driving license and passport are required to be left at Rent a car in Rwanda offices for security purposes. Read through the company terms and conditions provided in a hard copy which you must follow while renting our cars.

Failure to go by our terms and conditions you will not be issued a Car for your Self drive Holidays in Rwanda hence the agreement will be terminated.